Summer to Winter in 30 seconds – Ickworth

Days 6 of Carlsson’s European Vacation

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After our grand tour of London, we were rather worn out and the Diva was in need of a down day. The Sarge had to show his face at work so we opted for a quick tour of Ickworth after nap time. The plan was to tour the house as none of us had ever been inside but it was closed for the day which was a bit of a disappointment. Instead, we walked the gardens and due to an impending downpour, the light was absolutely magical so we had fun taking pictures of each other. As you can tell, Lena was in heaven hanging out with Uncle Ducky – and I think the feeling was mutual.

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Also, I’d just like to point out what a handsome couple these two make. I’m quite excited that Lena’s future husband will come from such good stock. And yes, it’s already been decided that the Carlsson’s will have a son who will then grow up to marry our daughter. No biggie.

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The weather took a dramatic turn just as we were finishing up our garden tour and I’m fairly confident that it dropped 30 degrees in less than a minute. Since we hadn’t dressed for a snowstorm, we ducked inside for a quick tea time. Dustin had yet to experience the glory of scones and clotted cream so we were kind enough to introduce him.

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While you can’t see it in these pictures, both Dustin and Melissa have tattoos. They’re matching in both design and placement – it says “sucker” on their foreheads. On our way back to the car, we passed through the gift shop where Lena took an interest in some toys. It was promptly decided that she just HAD to have the spiky little pig and next thing I knew, she was walking out of the store with her new friend in hand. We then spent several minutes applauding as she threw it down the walkway.

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Then it was home for another delicious meal prepared by the husbands. We started getting sentimental about the impending departure of our beloved friends and decided to stay up late eating chocolate. Do yourself a favor and buy some Lindor White Chocolates. While it may not solve the issue of your friends having to leave you again, it does help dull the pain a little bit.

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