Hygge = Autumn | Inspiration for Fall Sessions

By | 2017-09-12T08:57:44+00:00 September 12th, 2017|Hygge|

As much as I love sunshine and warm weather, there's just something special about autumn. The air smells different, the trees and shrubs start showing off their bright and bold colors, and scarves become a necessity (which is great as I have a scarf hoarding problem). Basically, this time of [...]


January 2015

By | 2017-03-02T13:56:53+00:00 March 6th, 2015|Personal|

So apparently having two kids means twice the work and half the free time! It's hard to believe Aksel has been with us for three months already. Life is more or less back to normal now with Jason back to work and Lena back at school. I have no idea [...]


May Recap

By | 2017-03-02T14:02:59+00:00 July 10th, 2014|Uncategorized|

As usual, I'm months behind on documenting this little life of ours. But better late than never, right? May brought some beautiful days with sunshine and semi-warm temperatures. That last part is relative to where we live; anything above 65 degrees is now considered "warm" weather. Yes, we still miss [...]


Quirky Kids

By | 2017-03-02T14:28:57+00:00 April 30th, 2014|Personal|

I've linked this post up to the Bower Power blog Spring Photo Challenge. Be sure to check out Katie's blog (no, we're not real life friends but I feel like I know her because I've been a faithful blog follower for quite some time). She's a fellow stay-at-home mama of [...]


Medieval churches and magical forests

By | 2017-02-10T17:04:31+00:00 June 28th, 2013|Days Out, Personal|

I've written before about the Ely cathedral and how stunningly beautiful it is. Since it was a Sunday, we decided to drive to Ely and attend the Sunday morning service at the cathedral. Somehow, we messed up the time (big surprise there, I had numerical confusion) and arrived after the service had started.


Easter 2013

By | 2017-02-10T17:05:45+00:00 April 4th, 2013|Days Out, Personal|

One of my pre-England wish list items was to visit Hillsong Church in London. Despite our best intentions, we just had never managed to make it there on a Sunday so we decided that we would go for their Easter service.


Anglesey Abbey

By | 2017-02-10T17:05:50+00:00 April 1st, 2013|Days Out, Personal|

The weather has steadily stayed around freezing thus making it slightly miserable to be outdoors. Nevertheless, we decided to venture out last weekend to another National Trust site called Anglesey Abbey. The plan was to tour the house (an indoor activity) but we ended up taking a walk through the gardens first.

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