Brutal Breastfeeding by Infant Angel of Death

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My cousin Tor had recently moved in with us and the novelty of being with family quickly wore off as Lena decimated his eardrums with her post-sleep screams. It was such an outrageous tantrum that he felt the need to film it on his iPhone. It was a lot to handle even for me and I have to love her because I'm her mom.


Stroller sorrows

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One of my goals before we moved to England was to get out and walk more. Lena and I both seem to be more calm and patient with one another if we get some fresh air and a change in scenery. So for Christmas, my mom gifted us a big chunk of money towards buying a new stroller.


Grayson James

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When people find out I live 3000 miles from my family, they almost always ask if I get homesick. Nothing against the great state of Washington, but I'm pretty content where I'm at. However, I REALLY wanted to be back home this past Tuesday to the point I was about to hop on a plane so I could be with these lovely ladies.


Amber Alert

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Missing: Energetic and hyper 20-something who loves socializing and going out on weekends. Made a daily effort to put on make-up and clean clothes. Could be found traveling to New York for work, art directing photoshoots and designing print materials. Fiercely independent and career motivated. Last seen in Arizona and Washington state.



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A moving company is coming to our house tomorrow to "assess" our belongings and officially start the paperwork portion of our move to England. I'm sure they see all varieties of homes but for some reason, I felt the need to clean. I'm pretty sure it's because my mom is more OCD than Martha Stewart. And just as a sidenote, the sounds of sewing machines, wooden looms and vacuums all make me feel at home.


The exorcism

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Consider me an overachiever because I didn't just yell, I exorcised that baby out. Picture every primal noise every made and throw in all the swear words you know - that was me. I wanted that baby out so bad I didn't care



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I am officially unemployed. That sounds scary. As soon as we found out I was pregnant, the Sarge and I both agreed we wanted me to stay at home with the baby for at least a couple of years. Daycare scares the living daylights out of me not to mention I am completely anal about how I want this baby to be raised.


A single breath

By | 2017-02-10T17:09:40+00:00 May 30th, 2011|Personal|

This past Saturday, we went to the beach and met up with some new friends. One of the girls had brought her 11-month old son, Taylor. He was so easy going and sweet; barely fussing at all. I offered to hold him so his mama could relax and enjoy the sun. I snuggled him up in my arms and watched him suckle his bottle; eyes closed and completely content.


I’m more the spectator type

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In about 3 months, my life is going to change in a way that can never be reversed. I'm going to have a baby. That still sounds so surreal. I am going to be a mom. My husband, Jason, is going to be a dad. And quite frankly, my mind doesn't have a clue what that even means nor has it even begun to process the reality of it all.

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