Answered Prayers

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One of my life-goals is to live on a giant compound with our best friends, raise our kids together, and maybe even become sister wives. Actually, scratch that last part. I'm way too lazy to do my own housework let alone help someone else with theirs. But the rest of [...]


Brutal Breastfeeding by Infant Angel of Death

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My cousin Tor had recently moved in with us and the novelty of being with family quickly wore off as Lena decimated his eardrums with her post-sleep screams. It was such an outrageous tantrum that he felt the need to film it on his iPhone. It was a lot to handle even for me and I have to love her because I'm her mom.


First date

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I had my first official mommy date yesterday and it was perfectly imperfect. I'm not very outgoing when it comes to making new friends so this was a big deal for me.


Au natural

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Game on! In two days, I will be safe to deliver the Billy Blanks wanna-be currently residing in my uterus. Not that it means anything to her, but it means a lot to me. We learned all sorts of interesting facts in childbirth class about naturally inducing labor - all of which I plan to utilize.

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