Summer is for Stay-at-home moms

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I have a dirty secret: there are days when I don't want to be a stay-at-home mom. Gasp! It's true. Sometimes I miss going to work, being creative and eating lunch with other adults. Feeding, clothing, changing, entertaining, nursing and [insert 8 million other verbs here] a toddler is exhausting at times


Punting the River Cam

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The university town of Cambridge is a short 20 minute drive from our house and boasts a daily market as well as beautiful architecture. We'd been raving to the Carlsson's about a particular bread stall so they were excited to see it for themselves.


Making Friends

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Making new friends can be tricky. I consider myself a veteran mover and pretty adept at meeting people after living in three different states and one non-English-speaking country. However, in all those instances, I had a job where I met a few people I really liked and then just wormed my way into their social circles. Additionally, in North Carolina, we went to an amazing church where I genuinely liked every single person I ever met. That's pretty unusual and if you're ever near Goldsboro, I highly recommend checking out The Bridge


Cambridge …. again!

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Cambridge is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to spend the day. It's a short 20 minute drive from our house and has so much to see and do. Jason's work schedule has been a bit insane since we got here and he's only had a few days off here and there.


Day trip to Cambridge

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My mom seems to bring strange weather with her more often than not when she comes to visit. She was in North Carolina for Lena's birth and Hurricane Irene blew in with enough force to leave us without power for a day. So we took a trip to Cambridge

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