January 2015

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So apparently having two kids means twice the work and half the free time! It's hard to believe Aksel has been with us for three months already. Life is more or less back to normal now with Jason back to work and Lena back at school. I have no idea [...]


(re)Making Memories

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I am incredibly lucky to still be friends with my childhood classmates. Through boyfriends, marriages, babies and cross-country moves, Tricia and Alicia have always been there for me. On my last trip home, Alicia was pregnant with Boden (who also happens to share my birthday) so I was really looking forward [...]


Easter 2014

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Easter was quiet this year as we'd just returned from a trip to the States a few days prior and had serious jet lag. We woke Lena up with a pair of bunny ears and a pink basket and told her that there were eggs all over the house. She [...]



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I love to tease my mom for all her distinct mannerisms and personality quirks. And her general response is to remind me that the joke's on me because I share pretty much all of them. I haven't lived in the same state (or country) as my family in seven years so when we do get together, we have to make up for lost time.


Granny’s in town

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My mom has arrived in all her stylish, Norwegian glory! We've been busy catching up, shopping and nearly freezing to death in the snow. As I expected, she's reorganized my kitchen already and has done some cleaning as well. Martha Stewart's got nothing on Laila.


First date

By | 2017-02-28T13:58:03+00:00 November 10th, 2011|Days Out, Personal|

I had my first official mommy date yesterday and it was perfectly imperfect. I'm not very outgoing when it comes to making new friends so this was a big deal for me.

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