Mr. Melody And the park

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On the recommendation of a friend, I've discovered two great new things that I'm pretty excited about. The first is a "secret" park and the second is Mr. Melody's Music Class (and Mr. Melody himself).


Jason Facts

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My husband is full of it. I love him like crazy but the man makes things up, presents them as facts, and defends said "facts" even when confronted with the truth that he actually has no idea what he's talking about. Lest you think less of him, I can assure you he is an incredibly honest person with a high level of intelligence.


Making Friends

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Making new friends can be tricky. I consider myself a veteran mover and pretty adept at meeting people after living in three different states and one non-English-speaking country. However, in all those instances, I had a job where I met a few people I really liked and then just wormed my way into their social circles. Additionally, in North Carolina, we went to an amazing church where I genuinely liked every single person I ever met. That's pretty unusual and if you're ever near Goldsboro, I highly recommend checking out The Bridge


Welcome, welcome!

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This little blog has been seeing a bit more traffic lately so I wanted to say HELLO! to all you newcomers. Thanks for taking the time to check out Identical Twinge; I hope you'll stick around. If you feel chatty, would you mind commenting and telling me what you enjoy reading about the most? At the moment, I write about whatever seems interesting to me on a particular day. It's usually inspired by the millions of photos I have of little Miss Bacon Bit and our daily adventures here in England. So fill me in; what do you want to see?


Day trip to Cambridge

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My mom seems to bring strange weather with her more often than not when she comes to visit. She was in North Carolina for Lena's birth and Hurricane Irene blew in with enough force to leave us without power for a day. So we took a trip to Cambridge


Climate change

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I've lived in warm climates for the past six years; only seeing snow two or three times over that period. I'm not a huge fan of cold weather and would start complaining if the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. Additionally, I lived in houses that had American-sized appliances yet still found it difficult to cook as well as remember to take the clothes out of the dryer.


One month down! [Part 1]

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We are now 5 weeks into life as "Englishters" and I am slowly starting to feel settled. Granted, there is still a lot of organizing that needs to be done in our house but at least we have a permanent home!

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