Natural Science Museum London

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The Sarge had a few days off around New Year's so we decided to take advantage of that and pop up to London for a day at the Natural Science Museum. Many of the museums here in England offer free admission with the opportunity to make a donation when you leave. I think it's a great way to encourage families to get out and spend time together without it making them go broke.


Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day

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The days leading up to Christmas brought some pretty intense discussions at our house. Jason insisted we open presents on Christmas Day while I accused him of trying to ruin the holiday by not following my tradition of opening everything on Christmas Eve. You could say we're both a bit stubborn


Lena’s Second Birthday

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For Lena second birthday we rented the local tumble gym for an hour and let the kids run wild. We are blessed to have an amazing community of both friends and family who love Lena as if she was their own. Despite many of them not having young children, everyone came out to watch the birthday girl show off her gymnastics moves.


The arrival of the Fairy Godparents

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When we left for England, there were a ridiculous amount of tears shed at the airport as we said goodbye to our best friends and Lena's godparents, Dustin and Melissa. All of us agreed that it was one of the hardest goodbye's we've ever had to say and that we had never cried so much in our life.


Kissing Cousins

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My cousin, Liv, is pretty much a superhero. She is the older sister of three brothers, two of whom are twins and made it their childhood goal to harass her to the point of insanity. She is now the mother of three boys, including a set of twins; an ironic twist that is amusing to all of us


Father Figures

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I'm months behind on blogging about my trip to Washington (still!) and thought it was fitting that my next set of pictures were from time spent with my dad and my grandpa. Since I couldn't celebrate Father's Day in person, this will have to be the next best thing.