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After being in the States the majority of the summer, the Sarge wanted to take a weekend vacation somewhere in England. Being 32+ weeks pregnant, I wasn't quite as mobile as usual so we decided to make the three hour drive north to Chester and spend a couple days walking around the city.


Thanksgiving 2013

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Thanksgiving. Yum. Last year was a bit of a blur since we hopped on a plane to England the day after stuffing our faces with meat and casseroles galore. So Jason was excited to cook a giant feast with all the fixings.


Punting the River Cam

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The university town of Cambridge is a short 20 minute drive from our house and boasts a daily market as well as beautiful architecture. We'd been raving to the Carlsson's about a particular bread stall so they were excited to see it for themselves.


Making Friends

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Making new friends can be tricky. I consider myself a veteran mover and pretty adept at meeting people after living in three different states and one non-English-speaking country. However, in all those instances, I had a job where I met a few people I really liked and then just wormed my way into their social circles. Additionally, in North Carolina, we went to an amazing church where I genuinely liked every single person I ever met. That's pretty unusual and if you're ever near Goldsboro, I highly recommend checking out The Bridge


Welcome, welcome!

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This little blog has been seeing a bit more traffic lately so I wanted to say HELLO! to all you newcomers. Thanks for taking the time to check out Identical Twinge; I hope you'll stick around. If you feel chatty, would you mind commenting and telling me what you enjoy reading about the most? At the moment, I write about whatever seems interesting to me on a particular day. It's usually inspired by the millions of photos I have of little Miss Bacon Bit and our daily adventures here in England. So fill me in; what do you want to see?


Clean up on aisle 10

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I got to experience firsthand just how much clean up is required when raising children. Eating requires a 10 foot radius per child of sweepable floor space due to the food particles that get flung everywhere.

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