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Holy pregnancy hormones! They have come with a vengeance and don't seem to be letting up anytime soon. I'm almost 35 weeks so the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter... thank you Lord! But the past couple of weeks have been emotional, to say the least.


Clean up on aisle 10

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I got to experience firsthand just how much clean up is required when raising children. Eating requires a 10 foot radius per child of sweepable floor space due to the food particles that get flung everywhere.


A single breath

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This past Saturday, we went to the beach and met up with some new friends. One of the girls had brought her 11-month old son, Taylor. He was so easy going and sweet; barely fussing at all. I offered to hold him so his mama could relax and enjoy the sun. I snuggled him up in my arms and watched him suckle his bottle; eyes closed and completely content.


I’m more the spectator type

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In about 3 months, my life is going to change in a way that can never be reversed. I'm going to have a baby. That still sounds so surreal. I am going to be a mom. My husband, Jason, is going to be a dad. And quite frankly, my mind doesn't have a clue what that even means nor has it even begun to process the reality of it all.

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