Bath Assembly Rooms

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For our three year wedding anniversary, we decided on a weekend in Bath, England. The town boasts amazing spas, beautiful views and a long, rich history complete with Roman ruins.


Jet Lagging

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The Bacon Bit and I just returned home from a two week trip to Washington state. I'm excited to share the 700+ pictures and relive our adventures. Judging by my friends' reaction to the fact that I embarked on a nearly 20 hour worldwide adventure with a toddler; I may just be crazy. Thankfully, we made it around the world without any major meltdowns in transit.


Anglesey Abbey

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The weather has steadily stayed around freezing thus making it slightly miserable to be outdoors. Nevertheless, we decided to venture out last weekend to another National Trust site called Anglesey Abbey. The plan was to tour the house (an indoor activity) but we ended up taking a walk through the gardens first.


Welcome, welcome!

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This little blog has been seeing a bit more traffic lately so I wanted to say HELLO! to all you newcomers. Thanks for taking the time to check out Identical Twinge; I hope you'll stick around. If you feel chatty, would you mind commenting and telling me what you enjoy reading about the most? At the moment, I write about whatever seems interesting to me on a particular day. It's usually inspired by the millions of photos I have of little Miss Bacon Bit and our daily adventures here in England. So fill me in; what do you want to see?


Granny’s in town

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My mom has arrived in all her stylish, Norwegian glory! We've been busy catching up, shopping and nearly freezing to death in the snow. As I expected, she's reorganized my kitchen already and has done some cleaning as well. Martha Stewart's got nothing on Laila.

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