The arrival of the Fairy Godparents

When we left for England, there were a ridiculous amount of tears shed at the airport as we said goodbye to our best friends and Lena’s godparents, Dustin and Melissa. All of us agreed that it was one of the hardest goodbye’s we’ve ever had to say and that we had never cried so much in our life. I’m fairly certain the attendant at the curb wondered what horrible tragedy we were all enduring as we sobbed and hugged each other amidst piles of luggage. True to form, “Uncle Ducky” came prepared with a sentimental going-away gift for the Diva. He handed her a yellow rubber ducky to remember him by and at that point, I think we all just melted into a puddle of sorrow and goo.

Initially, we planned for the Fairy Godparents to come visit us in August for Lena’s second birthday. We quickly realized there was no way we could wait that long to see each other and switched the plans to hosting them in May. On the 18th, we piled into the car for the trek to Heathrow; Lena and her sign in tow.

IMG_3447 IMG_3446

They nearly missed their connecting flight and Melissa had come down with the cold from Hades. But they were troopers and greeted us with smiles despite traveling all night. Lena was ecstatic, as you can see. And really, who looks this good after flying all night long?!

IMG_3450 IMG_3451

Melissa claimed her only goal in visiting was to sit and stare at us so for their first day, we caught up and went for a walk around the village. The Bacon Bit was in heaven as she had four adults to entertain her and applaud her every move.

IMG_0164 IMG_3457

After doing a quick tour of the church grounds and all the beautiful architecture, we made our way to the Secret Playground. We made the mistake of letting Lena try out the zipline and were then riding it on repeat.

IMG_0228 IMG_3469

After swinging, sliding and playing house, we were hungry and decided to start walking home.

IMG_3471 IMG_3475 IMG_3482


On the walk home, we passed some chickens much to Lena’s delight. As we were marveling over the size of the chicken, Ducky hit us with one of his obscure facts. Did you know, you can determine the color of a chicken’s eggs by looking at their earlobes?┬áIf I were ever to be a contestant on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Dustin would absolutely be my Phone-A-Friend. We thought he was trying to pass off a Jason Fact but it turns out, he was actually telling the truth. And now you know.


Despite only having a week together, we had an amazingly fulfilling time with the Carlssons. We even got to play tourist with them and see some things that have been on our list since we moved here. Plenty more pictures to come…

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