The Village of Lacock

Wanting to make the most out of her two week stay, we decided to take a little road trip while my mom was visiting. We settled on Bath as our ultimate destination with a stop in the village of Lacock on our way there.

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The entire village is a National Trust site and dates back to the 13th century. With timbered and stone houses everywhere and lots of crooked architecture, it has been a popular site for many films including Pride and Prejudice, Moll Flanders, and Emma. Parts of the Harry Potter films were shot here as well but we’ll get to that later.

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After a three hour car ride, we were happy to just stroll through the village without any particular destination in mind. I was in photography heaven.IMG_2305IMG_2307IMG_2309

The village was actually much smaller than we had anticipated and many of the shops were closed for the winter season. This shop, however, was open and as soon as we walked in, I started drooling over all the pretty displays. It was called Quintessentially English and I’m not sure what I enjoyed more – the organic handmade bath and body products, or the funky old building with tiny rooms just waiting to be explored.

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By this point, Lena was starting to get hungry, so we had lunch at the Red Lion before continuing on our explorations. I would highly recommend this pub as they had the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten. Even Lena, with the pickiest pallet on the planet, devoured the fried fish. That’s an honor reserved for only the finest cuisine.

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Our last few shops in the village included a ceramic shop, the Saxon church of St. Cyriac and the 15th century tithe barn. Loads of history and beautiful details.

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Then it was a short walk over to Lacock Abbey and the main attraction I had hoped to see during our visit. The national trust museum documents William Henry Fox Talbot’s contributions to the beginnings of photography and had some amazing old film equipment and prints. I would have loved to spend some time in here, reading all the displays but the demands of a certain toddler trumped my desires.

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So, we headed outside towards the country house and the views were amazing. The house itself used to be a monastic nunnery. Over the years, various additions were made in a plethora of architectural styles. Unfortunately, the house itself was closed for the winter so we didn’t get to browse the rooms but the parts that were open did not disappoint.

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Up until quite recently, this was actually a family home. Can you even imagine inviting a friend over to hang out and rolling up to this estate?! I’m fairly certain that if you took the square footage of every home I’ve ever lived in, you still couldn’t match this space. It was impressive.

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After picking my jaw off the ground, we walked around the side of the house and found the cloisters. This is where my brain exploded and I took approximately 8 million pictures. It was absolutely stunning and thanks to the posted signs, we were able to get an idea of how the nuns would have used this space thousands of years ago. There were built in book cases, burial nooks, all sorts of awesome and somewhat eery details.

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And since I did mention Harry Potter above, this is where parts of the blockbuster were filmed. Admittedly, I have never watched nor read anything Harry Potter so I have no idea what significance this place plays but it apparently means something to HP fans. And no, I have zero plans of educating myself on Harry’s adventures as I would rather read a user manual for a vacuum cleaner. Sorry, it’s just not my thing. But, this place was incredible so I would recommend a visit even if you suffer from Hogwarts aversion like me.

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So that was our day out in Lacock. Short but sweet and definitely worth a visit on the way to Bath or Bristol!

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