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Over Easter weekend, we had planned to take the Bacon Bit to an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by Cadbury. I had envisioned a nice spring afternoon chasing her around beautiful scenery while we hunted for clues along the Easter Egg trail. Instead, we were met with a blizzard and a toddler dangerously close to nap time. Many of the National Trust sites offered the Cadbury Easter Egg trail so we chose Wimpole Estates as we’d never been. As we pulled into the grounds, Jason and I were both shocked to see hundreds of cars parking in the muddy lot and navigating strollers through the heavy falling snow. Apparently, the English are serious about free chocolate.


We decided to skip the actual egg hunt as it was a bit advanced for Lena – it was set up like a scavenger hunt and each clue lead to the next. Next year, however, I think she will really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to trying again. Our National Trust membership gained us free access to the grounds and we also paid to visit Home Farm. I believe it was £7 for both of us and we agreed it was money well spent.

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Before we even got in the actual farm, Lena spotted some mini horses and was transfixed. One of her favorite books is filled with pictures of animals and we probably read it five times a day so the farm was perfect for her. After a solid five minutes of screeching over the horses, we pulled her away so she could see more animals.

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I don’t think it’s possible to have a bad day when you’re watching a little kid go crazy over something. The squeals of joy and excitement coming out of Lena’s mouth were absolutely hilarious. And it seemed like nearly every kid there was doing the same thing. We were able to pet many of the animals though Lena was a little cautious about this big guy.

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The farm itself is over 1000 years old. Yes, 1000 years. The thatched roof buildings are from the 1800s and still serve their purpose perfectly. Inside one of the buildings, we saw some of the older farming equipment. My muscles ached just thinking of the work that was done here and how grueling it must have been. If you visit Wimpole Estates, I highly recommend eating at one of the cafe’s or restaurants. All the food is provided by the farm and tastes so fresh and amazing.

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Since it’s lambing season, there were plenty of babies to be seen. This little group of lambs are actually orphans and are bottle fed by the workers at the farm. I wanted to steal them and bring them home with me. But then I realized they would poop all over my house and I changed my mind. But dang, they were cute!

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The piggery was astounding in it’s size. After watching the stalls of pigs for a while, I’ve decided I’m no longer comfortable eating any pork products. Pigs are kind of disgusting. Actually, they’re really gross. There was a lot of grunting, defecating and gyrating going on and it was very uncomfortable to witness. I think I’m going to go on a bacon strike for a while until my mind recovers from the things I saw.

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The last part of the farm was where all the sheep were corralled. There were signs explaining that many of the sheep were pregnant and due at any time with a list of things that signaled a sheep was about to give birth. A giant crowd had formed as one of the sheep was exhibiting all the signs of giving birth and I just felt so bad for her. Can you imagine trying to give birth with a giant crowd of people just staring at you? Poor thing.

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After a few hours at the farm, we decided to start walking back toward the car. The weather suddenly changed from a blizzard to a sunny, summer day so we took a quick detour to look at the Wimpole Estate. It reminded me of Downton Abbey – everything was so pristine and perfect. The estate looks out onto a medieval tower which you can just see in the distance. We didn’t end up touring the estate as Lena was due for a nap but we definitely want to come back soon and explore.

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Before we left, we bought some cheese made on the farm and treated ourselves to coffee and cake. This is sure to be one of our go-to places when friends and family come to visit as it’s absolutely stunning and gives you a true English experience. For more info on Wimpole Estate and the Home Farm, click on the link below:


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